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Individual Maschine Training

School of Electronic Music is a Native Instruments Education Partner


Maschine one on one courses can be completely tailored to suit your needs. You may be a complete beginner, or already have a Maschine at home but struggling with certain aspects of the Maschine. Our Native Instruments trained tutors will be able to cover any areas you may want to – whether you have a clear idea of what you’d like to learn, or if you’re open to following a carefully planned curriculum to ensure you’ve got all the bases covered. 

native Instruments training centre

    14+ (a parent or guardian must also be on site for under 16, however they will not receive training)


    Complete beginners with little or no experience and advanced DJs. Bespoke teaching and lesson times.


    From 1 person 

Training can be provided on weekdays, weekends or evenings – starting from as little as 4 hours of training up to a full programme of 20 hours. If you’ve made the investment in equipment, invest in getting the most from it.

Training can also explore how Maschine connects with third party virtual instruments and effects, how it can be used as a straight-up controller for any MIDI enabled software, how it connects with the setup and equipment you may have at home in your studio, or how to integrate it into a DJ sets for more complex performance. 

Subjects Covered Include


    Drum pattern variations
    Loading and editing sounds
    Sample management
    Live performance techniques


    Experimenting with ideas
    Arranging your scenes
    Advanced note and scene editing
    Exporting your finished piece


    Setting up your Maschine
    Loading a sound or group
    Creating patterns
    Step, record and song mode


    Loading 3rd party instruments
    Adding chains of effects
    Automation of parameters
    Audio slicing and sampling

MASCHINE training

Training is flexible to suit your schedule – available weekdays and weekends

4 Hours training

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6 Hours training

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5 x 4 Hours training
£800 (save £100)

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I found myself up and running with some rhythms within 15 mins, comfortably. The fun in music production is back, and it is here to stay thanks to maschine. The SEM course gave me a great insight into how to make maschine work for me and improve my skills and confidence!

Liam Devlin – Maschine Student

Training is generally delivered in a one-on-one format, however a second person can attend for 1/2 price!

Maschine Training




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