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Creative Production and Performance

with Maschine Jam and Maschine Mk3

Next start: Feb 16th 2019


New to Maschine? Or have you got a Mikro, Mk1, Mk2, Jam or Maschine Studio at home which you’re not using to its full potential? With the launch of the Maschine Mk3 it’s time to get back on the beats and make full use of our Midi Lab for 5 weeks!

Maschine Jam and the new Maschine Mk3 make a powerful, creative, and fun solution to music production. Learn the ins and outs of both in the context of the NI eco-system, including how to use them as a standalone solution for making music with tips on how you can integrate them with your DAW of choice.

Just like the Maschine workflow, our 5-week creative production and performance course is extremely hands-on. Students will learn the skills to create a full track and perform live.

Maschine Courses
  • Huge savings with SEM

    Claim huge savings by including the Maschine Jam, or Maschine Mk3 with your training.

    Maschine Jam RRP: £319. Maschine Mk3 RRP: £479. See below for training options, from as little as £50 for a 5-week course when you include the hardware. 

Whether you are a komplete beginner to the NI eco-system or already have a foundation in music production and want to delve deeper, this training is ideal for improving workflow and harnessing creativity along with branching into live performance.

However, this course isn’t just for producers: if you are a DJ who wants to explore remixing and making mashups or adding a live element to a mix, this course would be a great first step.

As part of the course, each student will receive unlimited access to our Midi Lab for a full month, so that you can continue using our equipment to make music, with the support of our studio technicians whenever you’re in the school.

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Subjects Covered Include

  • Getting Started

    Browser + DAW integration
    Live pad playing
    Step sequencing
    Where to start

  • Default Templates

    Master Group
    Sends/returns and buses
    MIDI mapping

  • Sound Design

    FX processing
    Resampling + mangling

  • Audio

    (Multi-) sampled instruments
    External instruments
    External FX processing

  • Arrangement

    Mixing + Exporting

  • Performance

    Lock states
    FX and transitions
    Prep: Scenes and buses



Taken from a beginner level upwards, also suitable for those not using Maschine to it’s full potential



Learn the workflow and nuances of Maschine, for both professional studio and performance based application



Get to grips with creating and editing MIDI, audio, sequencing, adding effects, and taking control



Learn general, transferrable production skills such as sound design, arrangement and basic mixdown

Course information

  • Course Information

    Course dates: February 16, 17, 23, 24 – all lessons 10am – 3pm

    Suitability: Beginners / intermediate users welcome

    Timetable: Thursday lessons 7pm – 10pm for 5 weeks or 4 days training over 2 weekends 10am – 3pm

    Extras: 5 weeks full access to SEM’s Midi Lab to use equipment and tech support.

    Accessibility: There is no wheelchair access on the premises at present. Please contact the school should you need to discuss any accessibility concerns prior to any training you may have.

  • Native Instruments Education Partner

    SEM are one of only a few schools in the world to hold the Native Education Partner title. We work closely with Native Instruments to develop and deliver cutting-edge music production and DJ training. 

  • Equipment needed for training

    If you’ve got a Maschine Mikro, Mk1, Mk2, Mk3, or Studio

    Bring one of these to use on the course. The main Maschine focus will be using the Mk3, but the training will still be very relevant for your hardware if you don’t want to buy the Mk3. 

    If you’ve got a Maschine Jam

    Bring this to use on the course. If you don’t have a Maschine Jam, we have Maschine Jams in the school which you can borrow for the training, or you can choose to purchase one with the course which will then be yours to take home afterwards.

    If you don’t own a Maschine Mikro, Mk1, Mk2 or Studio

    You will need some form of Maschine hardware (other than Maschine Jam) to use on the course. We offer an option to purchase Maschine Mk3 with your training – it’ll be yours to take home afterwards. If you already own a Maschine Mk3, please bring it in with you for the course.

Enrol on course

Use code SEMMASCHINE for £50 off Option 1 (£145 total). Only applicable if you are a current/previous Introduction to Music Production, Audio Engineering or Advanced Music Production student.

When should I enrol?

In short: enrol as soon as you are ready. All live course dates are available for you to enrol on.

Unlike most training centres SEM has a limit on lecturer to student ratio and keeps its class sizes small. We therefore have limited availability and courses fill up in advance. We would recommend enrolling as soon as you are ready, to avoid disappointment. If you are looking at a start date that is more than 3 months away, we would strongly recommend contacting a course advisor so that we can primarily secure your place before the window opens for you to apply for finance.

If you are funding with Student Finance (Monthly payment options 3, 5, and 7) and your course starts within 3 months

  • Apply online now via the course page
  • Monthly repayments to Omnifinance do not begin until 1 month after your course start date.
  • The initial downpayment is paid to SEM, this is not required until 14 days before your course start date.

If you are funding with Student Finance (Monthly payment options 3, 5, and 7 and your course starts in more than 3 months time

  • Speak to to the SEM office asap. We can take the initial downpayment to hold your place on the course until we are within the 3 month window for you to apply for the finance.
  • The SEM office can also offer advice on how to prepare for the application (electoral roll, credit score check etc.)

If you have any questions please contact a course advisor on +44 (0)161 833 4722. They will be happy to help!

Can I get funding for the course?

If you have any questions, we would always recommend contacting a course advisor or calling us on +44 (0)161 833 4722. 

This course requires that you either purchase or bring Maschine hardware with you to the training. Maschine Jams can be borrowed from SEM during the course, but we also provide you with purchase options for Maschine Jam additionally should you wish to own this. 

Ordering Hardware

We make Maschine hardware orders with Native Instruments at the middle and end of every month. If you are purchashing Maschine Jam or Maschine Mk3 with your course, this order will be made with either the midway or end of month order. Deliveries of Maschine hardware come directly from Germany and can take over 1 month to arrive, so we would advise enrolling as soon as possible, the closer your leave it till the course date the less likely your hardware will arrive at the school for your course. To this effect, SEM makes no guarantees that your equipment will arrive in time for your course. SEM will provide you with equipment to borrow during lessons and practical time in the school should your equipment not arrive in time for your training. Please contact us about this if you need more advice.

Options 1, 2, 4, 6: Fund the course yourself

An upfront payment for your course. If you are European, a British citizen but have not lived in the UK for the past three years, or have low or no credit score, then payment options 1, 2, 4 and 6 are the relevant options for you.

Options 3, 5 and 7: Get instant Student Finance with Omni Capital (you will need to be in employment)

Prospective students are able to get an instant online decision to fund training though our partner Omni Capital. To apply, you must be 18 or over, and have been living in the UK for at least 3 years before your course starts. You can apply by clicking ‘enrol’ on the course page to begin the finance application. Please note student finance can only be applied for within 3 months or less of the course start date. 

You can apply for the full amount of course fees, and choose an affordable monthly repayment that suits your budget. Other benefits of student finance are that the baseline course price is based on our ‘advanced’ cheaper price. You will need to pay a minimum 5% downpayment on the course fees at the point of successful application, although you have the option to make anything up to a 50% downpayment on course fees (please contact SEM for this).

Student Finance Calculator

You can use the finance calculator to try the potential options that suit your budget.

There is a minimum of 5% non-refundable deposit (downpayment for the course fees) required from the student at the point of successful application. The calculator will tell you minimum deposit required on the right hand side. To pay a bigger deposit please contact the school.

EG: Creative Production and Performance: £849.

Option seven: Student finance over 12 months: £67.16 per month. Total finance £806.

Minimum 5% Deposit of £43 payable upon successful finance application.

You will receive a Maschine Jam and Maschine Mk3 once your finance has been accepted. These are yours to keep!


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