SEM Student ID Card

All SEM Students are required to have a Student ID Card

Student ID cards are necessary to gain entry to the building. It is our way of knowing which students are in the building in the event of a fire or an emergency.

You can also use this student ID card apply for discounts at Unidays (ie. 50% off Spotify, 10% off Apple etc), student railcards and so on.

If you lose your student ID card, we can issue you another one but you will need to pay for it, replacements are £5.

Information about your Student ID Card

You must have your ID card on you at all times when coming to SEM, or you will not be able to gain access to the building.

You will need to use it on the main front door, and top floor card readers (regardless of whether someone is holding the door open for you!).

You must never let anyone gain access to the school who has not used their Student ID Card to do so.

You will also need your ID card to exit the building.

To pay your £10 for your Student ID Card please use the ‘enrol’ below.

Student ID Card