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10 Social Media Content Ideas for DJs and Music Producers

You may see social media as a minefield however, as a musician or DJ, it should play a pivotal role in your marketing strategy. We give you 10 social media content ideas for musicians and DJs to help you get the best from social media.

Sem DJ Tips

DJ Tips & Tricks. The 5 part series covers essentials such as using hot cues as markers, mixing with one deck and how to use loop out adjust in a live set.

Native Instruments Maschine: We take a closer look

In our new video series, we look at the ways to get creative with Native Instruments’ Maschine.

10 Twitter Tips For Musicians and DJs

We give you our 10 top tips for promoting yourself as a musician or DJ on Twitter.

5 Useful Websites For Music Producers

Whether you’re a Music Producer or a budding DJ, promoting your services will play a pivotal role in your success. We give you a 5 useful websites to that can help you find out about new opportunities and send your music in the direction of established taste-makers.

5 Free Online Music Tools To Inspire Creativity

Inspiration block. We’ve all had it at some point. Whether you hit the brick wall after hours of working on one track, or you simply can’t light the spark you need to create anything new. We take a look at some of the free online music tools that could help inspire you to get back in the game.

5 Social Media Tips for Musicians, DJs and Producers

5 social media tips for musicians, DJs and producers to help you build your brand online and increase your fanbase across social media.

10 Top Tips for Trance Artists Launching A Career in Music

10 Top tips for trance artists launching a career in the music industry by Jack Broom, founder of Manchester based agency, 1712 Artists.

SEM Guide To Preventing Tinnitus

For Tinnitus Awareness week we speak to Plug Em Ambassador and SEM DJ Tutor Mark One about the importance of protecting your ears from noise damage.

Ableton Live 10

Our Certified Ableton Live Tutor Tom Lonsborough gets stuck in with a first look, digging into simple UI adjustments that organise files, plugins and samples correctly, so that you can get making music faster and more smoothly.

There’s much more to come on Ableton 10, but here’s a first flavour